Pongal is here and the celebrations are at its peak. The harvest festival is celebrated enthusiastically in the southern state of Tamil Nadu where people engage in the proceedings for four days. Pongal is a four day long festivals which is celebrated from January 14th to January 17th. Pongal 2018 like every year is going to be a grand affair for the Hindus in southern India. The festival is celebrated in the northern region as Makar Sankranthi. On the occasion, people wear new clothes and exchange wishes amongst each other while praying the Sun God for good harvest.

Several savoury sweet dishes are prepared on Pongal. In fact, Pongal is a name of a sweet dish made from milk and rice. The rice used to make these dishes is the fresh one from the harvest. Tamil Nadu has one of the longest and marvellous celebrations post the harvest season to mark fresh beginnings in the New Year. The word Pongal means ‘spilling over’. The festival of Tamil Nadu derives its name from their old tradition of ‘boiling rice in a pot till it starts overflowing’. Pongal also marks the sun’s transition towards the north (Uttarayan) and is celebrated in the auspicious month of Thai (10th month of Tamil calendar).

Pongal holds great significance in the states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh where a majority of the public take part in the celebrations. Apart from the Sun God, people also worship Lord Indira (the rain God) praying for good rain so the harvest remains healthy and the land is fertile. The four days of the Pongal festival are celebrated in different ways. On the first day, or Bhogi Pongal, lord Indira is worshipped. On the second day of Pongal which is also known as Surya Pongal, people express gratitude towards the Sun God. Cattle are worshipped and fed heartily on the third day of the harvest festivals also known as Mattu Pongal. The fourth and final day is called Kaanum Pongal, or Thiruvalluvar day, which marks the end of the festival for the year. Here we list down some Pongal messages and wishes, greetings in Telugu for you which you can share on Whatsapp and Facebook with everyone

1) Pongal marks joy and cheer and brings along everything that’s best. May the festival of harvest season be one that brings along with it all that’s best and everything you deserve. Have a memorable Pongal

 2)  May the festival of harvest season be one that brings along with it all that’s best and everything you deserve.

 3) A beautiful, bright and delighted day,

      Sun entered makar to intense the ray.

      Crop harvested to cheer the smiles,

       come together and enjoy the life.

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