Hey you! I get it. You are feeling sad about the break up and definitely not in a mood to celebrate the love season. It is okay and it happens. But, would you really want to spend your valentine’s day cuddled up in that blanket and reminiscing over the sad memories? You might be wishing that February 14th just vanished away from all the calendars, don’t you? We all know that is not possible, so why not find better ideas to love ourselves and because if we don’t then who will?

Get out of the secret chamber you have built in your blanket and treat yourself. Make that giant hot chocolate for yourself, because you deserve it. Dress to impress, not anybody else but yourself. Sprinkle on some pixie dust perfume and go shopping. Treat yourself with that one thing you always wanted to get for yourself. Well, if it is out of the budget for now, lets try out some red roses? Or make plans with your mother for a spa session. I bet you will relish it.

As the night draws closer, text your single friends and go club hopping. If Beyonce can, even you can. Groove to the beat and go get crazy on your favourite dance numbers, don’t forget the iconic song ‘Single Ladies’. See, you already have a smile on your face. If you and your best friend are not a party person, don’t worry. What about a pizza night? You are allowed that one cheat meal once in a while. Order your favourite cheese burst pizza, sprinkled with the chilly flakes and oregano. Get in your favourite pyjamas, tune in to your favourite Netflix series and call it day. Remember, even if you tend miss your ex, you will get over it. Just remind yourself that you are worth all the happiness in the world and you can climb mountains if you choose to.

Happy Valentine’s Week Beautiful! Here’s your Jam song:

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