“Fashion is more than just covering yourself; it is covering your soul.” Fashion is the next most popular ‘F’ word that people are ready to die for! In the current era, fashion is one of the most important traits that define an individual’s personality. From head to toe, fashion is all about style and one’s expression of self-identity. Sewing through the world of fashion, Dimple Mehta is paving her way through the elitist fashion icons. Her style of fashion is open for all and inspired by all. From comfort and convenience, her fashion also pays equal significance to chique style. It is an amalgamation of several factors that together create Dimple Mehta’s fashion identity. An unconventional career, her god’s gift did not waste. Still, she tries to reform her fashion work so as to keep up with changing times and demands.

Her fashion work is distributed into 2 brands namely- DimpleAmrin and Dimple Mehta. While the former brand displays Indian Bridal couture, the latter is subjected to haute couture for day-to-day life. The two brands run by Dimple Mehta are among the most successful fashion tags. When it comes to her passion for fashion, she simply claims that comfort is what the buyers strive to look for, while chique is what the fashion designers must bring out! A combination of these two factors is very much prevalent among the masses today and that is what needs to be reworked upon. In her journey throughout these years, Dimple Mehta has succeeded made her mark, conquering the best of the fashion industry. Although her brands enjoy unmatched quality and popularity, her struggle for success wasn’t easy. Rather it was a journey that made her learn lessons, earn respect, and yearn to do more for good.

Her innovative approach and quick grasping power of people’s needs are major reasons why her brands are doing unstoppably well today. On one hand, where there are numerous Indian bridal wear brands present in the market, her brand stands out as it serves novelty and traditional attires intertwined together. Her style of daily routine is also greatly expressed through her designs. Hard work is the biggest reason why Dimple Mehta stands successful in today’s world. Her determination to enter the fashion industry and build a name for herself rowed the boat of the struggle for her. Her oars were her commitment and will power that motivated her to never give up. All these factors together brought name and fame to her brands that continue to shine among all other competitors. Unlike other fashion designers who create styles that cut out the factor of comfort, her clothes are all that one requires to feel life! Ready to go, durable, sustainable, and stylish, her fashion designs are spectacular.

The fact that her designs have been worn by celebrities like Manushi Chhillar, Raveena Tandon, Urvashi Rautela Adline Castellino and Neha Chudasama that her style is to die for. Undying fashion and unique style are all that defines her work.

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