Navratri 2019: Sharada Navratri is buzzing around each and everyone’s home and people are prepping for the mega celebrations of 9 days which starts from today that is September 29. During the festival of nine days, devotees worship 9 manifestations of goddess Durga and seek blessings from her and to do that they observe fast as they believe that doing this will make Maa Durga happy and she will bless them with infinite abundance and success.

Navratri is celebrated among the members of Hindu religion and it falls in the month of Ashwin according to the Hindu calendar which is typically the month of September or October. The festival is also celebrated to mark the victory of Lord Ram over Ravana and artistes across the country participate in Ramleela to narrate the tale of Ram and Ravana based on Tulsidas’ Ramcharitmanas.

Each day of these 9 days is devoted to the different avatars of goddess Durga and if you wish to gain the maximum benefit from your Navratri rituals, prayers and offerings then you need to wear the right colour for the puja during these 9 days. There is a day-wise list of nine colours that everyone should follow.

Here are the 9 dress colours that you should wear on 9 days:

Day 1: To begin your Navratri 2019 celebrations, you should wear grey or light black colour which indicates the dignity and strong connection with good.

Day 2: On the second day, you should choose wearing an orange colour dress that signifies more positive vibes, wealth, fame and health throughout the year.

Day 3: On the third auspicious day, you can choose to wear a white colour that reflects prayers, peace, stability in every relation. Doing prayer in white colour will make the goddess Durga happy.

Day 4: For the fourth day, you should choose to wear a red colour which proves your dedication, efforts and hard work for a particular goal and turn it into success.

Day 5: On this day, you must wear the sky blue colour which implies that you will keep religious throughout the year and maintain a strong bond with Maa Durga.

Day 6: This day is special to wear pink colour which is good when you have a wish to be fulfilled such as buying a new house, starting a family, etc.

Day 7: This day should go with the royal blue colour shade, it will help you stay positive, invites healthy thoughts and vibes.

Day 8: On the eighth day, you must wear a yellow colour which implies your confidence, success and a peaceful mind and heart for the whole year.

Day 9: On the last day, you should opt to wear a green colour for healthy family relationships, infinite success, and good bond with your loved ones.

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