Shri Krishna Janmashtami 2019: Chhappan Bhog is an Indian tradition to offer food with 56 varieties on different occasion in a different part of the country. This Chhappan Bhog is made on the Occasion of Janmashtami as well as it has great importance on this day. Chhappan which means 56 and Bhog which means food comes from Hindi language, it has vast significance and religious beliefs behind it. The tradition of offering Chhappan Bhog started and there is a story behind it.

People of Gokul were upset because of no rain in the region and they started a special prayer for Lord Indra the god of heaven, but Krishna stopped them and said that whatever God gives to people is just what they deserve and according to what they have done. He suggested everybody believe in hard work, people stopped the prayer and started believing Krishna. Lord Indra got angry and out of anger, he started the heavy rain which lasts for seven days. The entire region was under flood, so to protect the people, animals, and crops Krishna lifted the mountain on her little finger to offer shelter to the natives. Krishna succeded and Indradev accepted his mistake and his defeat from Krishna.

Krishna used to have 8 meals a day but during those seven days, he couldn’t eat so as the token of love the villagers showed their gratitude by offering him 8 meals of seven days that is 56 items of food hence it is called Chhappan Bhog. Since then the people of India celebrate this tradition and offer Chhappan Bhog to Lord Krishna. Here is a full list of Chhappan Bhog.

1. Saunf and Elaichi
2. Pistachios
3. Cashewnuts
4. Raisins
5. Almonds
6. Kiwi
7. Plum
8. Apple
9. Grapes
10. Banana
11. Mango
12. Moong Daal Ka Halwa
13. Gajar Ka Halwa
14. Methi Mathri
15. Namakpare
16. Murmure Ki Namkeen
17. Rabdi
18. Aatte Ke Laddoo
19. Besan Ke Laddoo
20. Sooji Ka Halwa
21. Fried Rice
22. Lemon Rice
23. Plain Rice
24. Curd Rice
25. Sweet Rice
26. Khichdi
27. Shikanji
28. Salted Lassi
29. Badam Milk
30. Coconut Water

31. Mango Shake
32. Banana Shake
33. Chapati
34. Kachori
35. Plain Poori
36. Spinach Poori
37. Aaloo Parantha
38. Plain Paratha
39. Salad
40. Dhaniya-Pudhina Chutney
41. Nariyal Chutney
42. Papad
43. Lauki Ki sabzi
44. Saag
45. Kadhi
46. Daal
47. Matar Paneer
48. Brinjal Sabji
49. Gobhi Ke Pakore
50. AAlop Ke Pakore
51. Boondi Ka Raita
52. Kheere Ka Raita
53. Aaloo Tikki
54. Bread Sandwich
55. Chhole
56. Mix Vegetable Sabzi

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