The Valentine’s week is currently going on and the smell of love is in the air all around. While the Valentine’s Day gives couples a chance to strengthen their bond, it sends singles wanting to mingle into depression as the loneliness kicks after seeing everybody in the lovey-dovey mood. Well, if your one of those lonely souls who do not enjoy being single and sighing that you have nobody else to share the special day with, we have got some news for you! In case you do not want a permanent boyfriend for all the problems a relationship comes with, you can consider renting one on this V-Day.

In a one of its kind offer, a 26-year-old entrepreneur from Gurgaon, Shakul Gupta is offering four packages from ‘holding hands’ to ‘anything you want’ depending upon the kind of money you are willing to shell out. In the post, Gupta has also mentioned that he can prepare any kind of food a girl might be craving on V-Day. Also, if getting all cuddly is not your thing, you can simply perch yourself on a couch and watch movies and shows on Netflix with him. “Your family will love me and so will your friends,” he added on Facebook. And that is not all, you can avail 20% discount by using a promo code. The post has not mentioned the tariffs though.

This is not the first time Gupta has come up with this innovative offer. The 26-year-old CEO of had crowdsourced his date on the social media site last year as well. So we hope you V-Day plans are sorted now!

VALENTINE'S DAY BOYFRIEND RENTAL 00:00 – 23:59 14th Feb 2018 Package 1:Holding hands & putting arm around the…

Posted by Shakul on Saturday, 10 February 2018

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