Solar Eclipse 2019: Solar Eclipse is all set to take place on July 2, 2019, and did you hear the cosmic wake-up call? Not yet, then geared up to know about some interesting development for three zodiac signs like Cancer, Scorpions and Pisces. Amidst your busy schedule, this month, get ready to experience some extraordinary effects. The Solar eclipse will not only offer growth, prosperity and ‘new birth’ for these three signs but will provide them with a whole ‘new lease of life’. Six planets retrograde and two eclipses are foraying into so don’t be a slobber head and try to take advantage through a new routine or exercise with which you had been committed to in your initial years.

Followed by water signs, both Mercury and Chiron will retrograde in the fire signs symbolising creation, fertility, and passion. That means, it will bring about a thing or two from your own personality.

Cancerians known as emotional and go-getters will also get wrapped up. It will slide into cinematic Leo on July 1. Overall, a shift in your energy level will be witnessed.


All eyes will be set on you, Cancerian since your solar revolution is in full effect. It’s no secret you will be on a powerful breakthrough. Besides, a complete thought change but like a hardcore cardinal sign, you will be ready for a brand new chapter. Not just that, no-so outgoing personality from heart, they will be glowing this month.


Well, several times, Scorpions might have dealt with the question, “Where do they see themselves in the next few years?” But the good part is being Cancerian on your side, you will make some pretty big moves, whether the decisions are manifested with personal or professional zones. Besides being communicative and a broadened horizon over personal philosophy, your perspective will get shifted in a really positive way.


Oh dear Pisces, your charisma will shine. Probably, it’s your level of confidence or a chic new wardrobe, and, the strange part is nobody knows the secret behind it. You will truly love your truth. Being yourself is all you have to do this month.

Your creativity will drive you all the way through your self-worth, and colorful soul which deserves to make itself known. Because this is just the beginning.

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