Stress, depression, and tension– these worlds have become almost tantamount with our fast-paced modern lives. But right in the idle of the hustle & bustle of Delhi, six female artists who have channeled spirituality into the work has showcased some mesmerizing and soothing pieces of their art. The exhibition has been curated by Vikram Sethi, an award-winning curator, and event organizer.

The exhibition features the paintings of artists from all parts & walks of life in India. One of the most original works you’ll ever come across is Dr. Nisha Jaiswal, a self-taught artist from Gorakhpur. Dr. Jaiswal makes micro-miniature paintings, focuses solely on deities and mythological figures. Considering it takes the artist two to three years to finish each painting, it’s only fair the artist says she has a ‘passion for precision’. Asked why she chooses this genre, Dr. Jaiswal says ‘Painting for me is like offering myself to the almighty. The travail in painting the deities with this intricacy helps me express my dauntless faith in God’

From intricate deities to almost 3D view of the sea – Shilpi Singh Patel literally brings the sea to life with her brush. Staring into her paintings and watching the waves crash, one if immediately transferred into the depths of the sea where one feels an immense sense of tranquility. A serving army man’s wife Shipli says she’s inspired from different landscapes of India

Mrs. Lata Chwala who uses a unique blend of coffee and water to express herself on the canvass has been painting for more than 50-years. Her paintings of Hindu deities are nothing short of stunning. Another artist Vinita Rathaur who draws her energy from the environment around her says that ‘Floral works and dancing figures influence her artwork’

And it wasn’t just artists from India but also abroad exhibited their pieces at the art exhibition. Taniya Dharani from New York & Alka Pandey also exhibited their exquisite artwork at the cozy exhibition.

From the 20th century to modern-day, spirituality runs through many different mediums of art, including painting, drawing, and performance but the way these artists expressed themselves and their spirituality through their paintings is beyond commendable


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