Indian-American musician Nivo has had a great year so far. The self-trained musician, whose love for music developed when he was in high school after he rapped a poem during an English class, has come a long way! He dropped two songs earlier this year and he’s coming up with a new track this month. Interestingly, other than being a vocalist, Nivo is hugely into music production.

The self-trained artist says that what he likes the most about music production is unpredictability. He says he could start a project with something in mind, a certain mood or melody or a reference song and end up with something completely different.

While it’s fun being a music producer, Nivo says there are also several challenges. “For me, the greatest challenge is finishing projects. It’s so easy to just start something because you can start with anything that inspires you. But to complete a project, you have to fill in all the gaps and make it refined and professional sounding,” he says.

Nivo adds that what’s harder about the song-making process altogether is writing lyrics. Making beats and singing melodies comes quite naturally to him, he adds. The process of writing lyrics is what takes him the longest time, because he has a high bar for that. Nivo mentions that there’s a fine line between generic and corny lyrics and it really takes time to make sure he’s always walking that line. “It’s very easy to talk about money and girls and bling and not sound corny, but that ends up being really generic,” he says, adding that at the same time, it’s really easy to talk about emotions, and doing good in the world and day-to-day life and not sounding generic, but a lot of the time that ends up sounding really corny, like music made for kids.

Though he is a self-trained musician, Nivo’s success so far is commendable. In 2019, he dropped a joint project, Luxury Casual, with famous RnB artiste from Dubai, Sobhhï, which had eight songs. In 2020, he dropped two EPs Before WaveGod and Wavegod, which had 12 songs. This year, he has dropped two songs so far with two EPs yet to release. All his songs are available to leading music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, YouTube Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Anghami, SoundCloud, Deezer, and more.

As per Spotify’s annual artiste summary, Nivo has approximately 40,000 monthly listeners on the platform and it’s growing with listeners in 92 different countries. By the end of the year, his goal is to achieve at least 1,00,000 monthly listeners and over one million plays.