On January 21, all the theorizers and fantasizers will witness one of the rarest lunar events of a total lunar eclipse or you can say super blood wolf moon. The super blood wolf moon is a natural lunar event in which the moon appears larger than its normal size and is brighter too with a reddish glow. If the sky will be clear then according to NASA the super blood wolf moon will be visible across Greenland, North America, Iceland, South America, Spain, Portugal, Norway, and Sweden. Remaining part of Africa and Europe will get a glimpse of the phenomenon too. However, India and other Asian countries will not be able to see this rare eclipse.

A website called timeanddate.com is especially running live streaming of the super blood wolf moon which can be watched on January 20, 2019, but there is no such official streaming going to happen from NASA.

It is being termed as the super blood wolf moon because the moon will be at its closest distance from earth due to which it will look 14% larger than its normal size and about 30% more luminous in the sky too and at the time of total lunar eclipse the moon appears reddish in colour. The word wolf in the whole phenomena is used just as a tradition for a full moon in January, the word has no such connection with the phenomena.

According to the Indian Standard Time(IST), the eclipse will last from 10:11 am to 11:13 am, for 62 minutes but unfortunately Indian will not witness the rare phenomena.

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