On January 20, 2019, a rare and a very interesting celestial event called the Super Blood Wolf Moon will grace the skies. As per experts, the phenomenon will not be repeated for next couple of years and the world will be able to see the next total lunar eclipse only in 2021 in January. As striking is the name, the event will mark the moon to be brighter than usual as 3 lunar events will occur simultaneously to make the Super Blood Moon eclipse.


BLOOD MOON: The lunar eclipse that will hog the limelight on January 20, 2019 is no ordinary one. It’ll be a blood moon, meaning a total lunar eclipse. It’s also known as umbra eclipse given the fact that the moon in its entirety comes under the darkest part of Earth’s shadow called the umbra.

SUPER MOON:As the name suggests, it’s something grand and massive in scale. A lunar eclipse is called a Supermoon when the moon is closest to Earth, meaning the actual distance between the Moon and the Earth is lesser than 223,000 miles from Earth.

WOLF MOON: The reason is not as fancy as the name suggest but worth mentioning. Any lunar eclipse taking place in January or even the first full moon of the year is called a Wolf Moon.

And when these 3 phenomena converge, it’s called a Super Blood Wolf Moon.

Date and Timing of Super Blood Wolf Moon 2019:

The Super Blood Wolf Moon will be seen from late evening on January 20 and will continue until the early hours on January 21. It will occur from 9:36 pm EST (8:06 am IST) on January 20 and end at 2:48 am EST (1:18 pm IST) on January 21.


Simple answer is no it won’t be. People in all of North and South America, including the Caribbean nations, will be able to see the entire event.

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