A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, and when moon fully or partially blocks the Sun. The first partial solar eclipse of 2018 will be observed on February 15th and sadly as per astrological predictions this eclipse will not be visible in India. This eclipse will be seen in Southern America, Uruguay and Brazil and other parts of the world. According to astrological predictions, 3 solar eclipses are going to happen this year, 11th of August, 2018 will also be a solar eclipse but it will not be seen in India. According to astronomical scriptures, the partial solar eclipse occurs every 6 months, but we hardly get the opportunity to observe the complete eclipse. The full solar eclipse occurred on August 21, 2017, and first partial solar eclipse occurred on September 13, 2015.

It is considered that observing the solar eclipse with naked eyes can be dangerous, even if it is a partial solar eclipse. According to the scientists, taking safety measures is important before observing the solar eclipse.If you ignore these recommendations, you can lose your eyesight instantaneously or permanently. Also, it can have a bad effect on the nerves of the brain. The occurrence of the solar eclipse occurs when the Moon, the Sun and the Earth are in a straight line. In the partial solar eclipse, the sun and the Sun do not come in the full line, from which the Moon does not completely obliterate the Sun. In the complete solar eclipse, the moon covers the sun completely, so that the sun’s light does not reach the Earth.

On February 15, South America and Antarctica will observe the partial solar eclipse. According to the report, the partial eclipse will last for about two hours. Eclipse will begin to appear in Antarctic from 5: 43 in the evening and will remain in the evening up to 7:34 pm. In the year 2018, two solar eclipse eclipses will be seen. The first of which will be seen on July 13 and the second on August 11. On July 13, partial eclipse will be visible in Australia and Antarctica, and on 11 August the eclipse will appear in Northern Europe and parts of East Asia. India will not be able to become the witness of all three partial eclipse. This eclipse will begin at 12.25 pm on February 15 and will stay till 4 am in the morning according to Indian Standard time. Astrologers believe that some of these bad effects can come out after the solar eclipse.

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