Initially,  in love it seems that everything goes well, your partner is extremely loving and caring towards you. It appears to be a perfect a dream that has come true in reality. In a relationship, love can make some people go crazy, where women tend to like little possessive men. However, it becomes problematic when it crosses the limit and gradually the ‘sweetness’ turned into a strange colour within seconds. 

After a certain point, it realises us that it is not rainbows and unicorns, anymore. Within nanoseconds, your man turned into an overprotective, dominating and controlling ‘cave-man’  from protective and caring.  The irony is that you yourself don’t even realise that it has made you the prisoner in your self-built relationship to such an extent that it is too difficult to breathe. 

However, at the same time, girls, there is no denial to a fact that that we do like a little protectiveness and brawniness in our man, but it is siginificant to comprehend the thin line between a man being protective, dominative & chauvinistic in a relationship. 

So, let’s first understand what is dominance. Well, dominance in a relationship can snatch away the fun and freedom of a girl which eventually can lead to the suppression of the feelings. The crux of a good relationship is a freedom to be yourself. Even though you love your partner, you are an individual with your opinions towards life and adopting different methods than his. The moment your liberty is crushed by your dominating and controlling partner, you feel like you are being jailed. 

Sometimes you ignore this fact also, especially, if your relationship is still in its embryonic stage and you are so much into him. While love comes with a set of its own unpleasant emotions, like jealousy and tendency to overpower the other person. Simultaneously, it is truly grievous and unhealthy to feel being blamed and manipulated about your every move. 

Here are the 5 signs which show that your man is dominating and controlling over you are late to realise it.

1. Unpredictable mood swings

Mood swings in your partner are a sign of an abusive relationship. It may not even be a day-to-day difference, but a moment-to-moment change in behaviour. If he is easily angered and upset. It becomes difficult for you to predict how he might react to anything. He might just give you a silent treatment or become aggressive for no reason

2. Blames you for everything

Blame is actually one of- if not the -most common features of miscommunication in relationships because it’s very often the instinctive response when we’re struggling to face up to our feelings- so many of us do this! If in case he makes you feel like you’re good for nothing or never good enough for him or he chooses not to confront you about what is bothering him, his comments and reactions will make you go through a guilt trip and make you feel like you are the one to blame for his behaviour or with whatever he is going through.

3. He needs you at a moment’s notice

It doesn’t matter to him if you’re in the middle of something important, he cannot imagine you not being there when he needs you. Even before you know it, he starts behaving as he owns you. Especially, when you have an active social life and you know way too many people.

4. Your life should revolve around him 

The feeling of being in love as well as being loved is truly amazing for all those who experience it. This is also true that this feeling fills in the desire in you to spend more and more. When you dress up especially for him and go out with him, ask him how you look, talk about his day and interests and do basically whatever he likes. That means, you completely lost into him. You can only be happy when you’re doing something with him and your life should revolve around him and that will keep him happy.

5.  He mistrusts you

Trust is the foundation of every healthy relationship. Obviously, lying, breaking promises, keeping secrets, and denying things you’ve said quickly build distrust. It’s not worth losing your credibility over even a small lie or secret. Even shading the truth, can seriously injure trust and be hard to repair but a dominating boyfriend will keep doubting you and won’t trust you with anyone but himself. It can cause your partner to doubt other, bigger things that you’re honest about. He gets all suspicious when you talk to another guy or when you don’t pick up his call.

Solutions for solving dominance problem in a relationship

  1. If you think your man displays more than one of these signs of being dominant, then it is time you sit down and give some serious thought to it.
  2. Talk to him and try to make him understand that he might lose you by being very dominant and controlling.
  3. Also, it is important to maintain an emotional balance in the relationship if he truly loves you. 
  4. Encourage him to talk about his feelings more and help him to be less dominant to save the relationship.

All the best while you sort the complications of relationships!

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