Supermodel Mara Martin broke many stereotypes when she walked the ramp for the Sports Illustrated magazine’s popular swimwear show while breastfeeding her child who was five-month-old at Miami Swim Week 2018. Mara Martin was one of the top 16 contestants who were selected to walk at the glamorous event. Mara received a lot of praises as she walked with pride and confidence while carrying and breastfeeding her 5-month-old baby in her arms. Mara wore a stunning golden coloured bikini while her baby was wearing cute noise-cancelling headphones.

Mara was applauded for removing the stigma around breastfeeding and the crowd kept cheering for her as she walked the ramp with utter grace.

 The Instagram page of SI Swimsuit shared a video of her catwalk and the post was soon flooded with graceful comments for Mara Martin for breaking many stereotypes and attempting to change the mindset about breastfeeding in public.

On receiving such warm comments, Mara took to her Instagram account to thank everyone and wrote that she was out of words when she woke up to headlines about her and her daughter for doing something which is perhaps a very normal thing.

She further said that she hopes that with this, breastfeeding becomes normalised. Also, Mara Martin has been Sports Illustrated’s lovely lady of the day two times and not many know that she is a die-hard Cavaliers fan. 

Earlier in June this year, Malayalam actor Gilu Joseph featured on the cover of Malayalam magazine Grihalalakshmi while she was breastfeeding a child which caused a lot of controversy. It is time we spread awareness about breastfeeding being normalised.

With such a brave move, Mara has set an example to many women across the globe and her gracious walk with such confidence is really commendable! The video has gone viral on the Internet.