The annual love fest ‘Valentine’s Day’ is celebrated to spread love and affection among the people. Most of the couples are already headed for their romantic date whereas some are waiting eagerly to celebrate their enchanting love. Here are some of the tips for lovemaking that you can follow to make your day go sizzles with love in the air. Valentine’s Day is already been celebrated by the people all around the world cherishing their love by appreciating the existence of the people that really matter in their life. It is also a big day for the couples.  On this day couple hangout, go for dinner, gifts flowers and chocolates.

But since these things are already celebrated from the second week of the February, the great event on 14th February should be extra special we can say that something extraordinary can be done to celebrate the day. Try doing something different by adding a twist to your classic love to impress your partner. Since Valentine’s Day is a very romantic day, it gives a reason for the couples to have some intimate time together. When it comes to intimacy couple are always stick to the same old lovemaking, isn’t boring! Try escalating the heartbeat spicing up the things by trying the tips recommended by the sex and relationship experts.


  • Switch the place: No place can be better and safer when it comes to having private things. But doing sex in the same room and bed can be a bit boring, so try to take her somewhere new.


  • Put on a sexy attire: Sexy lingerie’s are seductive to turn your man on but what about playing naughty by dressing as nurse, teacher or doctor. Same goes for the men, you need to be extra conscious of what you wear as women also need some extra efforts to make them happy. 


  • Turn your partner on with erotic reading: Foreplay is always the best idea to turn your partner on but then Erotic reading can be very interesting and a bit different. Grab the best erotic book and start reading it before you start the game.


  • Relaxing: Get into a hot bathtub with your partner and have some chill in the steamy hot water. This will help you to perform better. And if you don’t have a bathtub, don’t worry shower is always there as an option. 


  • Blind Folded: Be naughty and blindfold your partner then use your BDMS skills to arouse your partner with your erotic moves.


  • Take your partner to the fantasy world: Bring your partner’s wildest fantasy alive by decorating the place with a theme that can turn her on and go wild.



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