Valentine’s week list 2019: As Valentine day is just around the corner this is the best period to decide what to get your loved one this valentines day. This is the best week to shower your loved one with tons of gifts and to spread the joy of love. Valentine day is celebrated every year on February 14 but before valentines day various exchange of gifts and gesture take place on the rose day, propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, hug day, and kiss day. This year the valentines week will start from January 7 where the first day will be celebrated as rose day!

The valentines week is divided into two parts the first half is decimated to people who have a real fondness for someone whereas the other half is called anti-valentines days. The valentines week gives you an opportunity to display your love and affection for your significant other in the most beautiful way.

We will list out the valentines weekdays out for you well in advance so that you can buy something for your loved one.

Valentines week 2019: 

Rose day 2019 – February 7 – Thursday


Propose day 2019 – February 8 – Friday 

Chocolate day 2019 – February 9 – Saturday

Teddy day 2019 – February 19 – Sunday

Promise day 2019 – February 11 – Monday

Hug day 2019 – February 12 – Tuesday

Kiss day 2019 – February 13 – Wednesday

Valentine’s day 2019 – February 14 – Thursday 

Anti-valentine day 2019: 

Slap Day – 15th February 2019 – Friday 

Kick Day – 16th February 2019 – Saturday

Perfume Day – 17th February 2019- Sunday

Flirt Day 2019- 18th February 2019- Monday

Confession Day- 19th February 2019 – Tuesday

Missing Day – 20th February 2019 – Wednesday 

Breakup Day – 21st February 2019- Thursday 

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