Popular by the names of her various avatars like ‘Monday Aunty,’ and ‘Billy Mausi,’ Kusha Kapila has evolved as one of India’s most popular social media celebrities in the 21st century.  The content curator worked as a fashion editor for iDIVA- from where her journey started.

The Behensplaining star recently visited Jaipur, Rajasthan, for attending her friend’s wedding. Now, what does your elegant wedding outfit need to be combined with for that PERFECT wedding look? You got it right, it’s good and toned makeup. 

Regarding this, Kusha collaborated with the renowned make-up artist, Bhavikaa Saluja, who has been an expert in this industry for many years now. The artist revealed that like on her social media handles, Kusha is extremely sweet and jolly in real life as well. Having followed her content and hilarious videos for years, Make-up Artist Bhavikaa Saluja, a Billy Mausi fan, was taken aback by how gorgeous and humble she was in person. Furthermore, Saluja made a special reference to the fact that Kapila is more inclined towards ‘natural makeup.’ It complements her lovely skin and allows her to shine uniquely, even at a lavish wedding. It’s no surprise that the cat-eyed star prefers natural make-up over its more flashy and brooding counterparts.

Along with gaining a lot of good memories from her meeting with  Kusha, this experience even honed Make-up Artist Bhavikaa Saluja’s skills to a large extent. She has always chosen to be dynamic and adaptive with the styles and looks she tries on varied celebrities, and often, chooses to go beyond the conventional. A specimen can be the fact that, based on her client’s (Kusha’s) demands, she stuck to skin-friendly and lighter makeup hues; even though it is in the popular belief that hefty makeups are the ‘way-to-go’ while attending a wedding.

Kusha Kapila, too, enjoyed the services and was satisfied with the overall experience she had with it. The snippets from the wedding that she posted on her Instagram feed, where she can be seen having a good time with her husband,  gained her a lot of adoration from her fans; and brought Make-up Artist Bhavikaa Saluja a good amount of traction as well.

Working with celebrities who are cooperative and gentle, has always been a learning experience for Make-up Artist Bhavikaa Saluja. She has even worked with other popular celebrities in the past. Some of them include Rytasha Rathore, Nitibha Kaul, Janvee Parekh, and more.

For Make-up Artist Bhavikaa Saluja, learning one new skill every day and seeing her clients contended are the biggest sources of happiness.