Eid e Milad is one of the key Islamic festivals among Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Zuha. This day is dedicated to the preachings of Prophet Mohammad. In certain parts of the world, the festival is celebrated as the birthday of Prophet Mohammad, whereas in some parts it is observed as the death anniversary of Prophet. According to many, Prophet Mohammad or the last ‘Nabi’ was born on Day 12 of the Islamic month Rabi ul Awwal in 570 BC. Prophet Mohammad was born in Mecca.

The two sects of Islam Shias and Sunnis have different ways of celebrating the birthday of Prophet Mohammad. People offer prayers in the mosques. Processions are taken out on the road and people also visit ‘Mazars’. According to Islamic belief people who observe the day as the birth anniversary of the last Nabi and follow all the rituals associated with this day become very close to Allah, who showers his blessings upon them. According to Islamic Holy book Quran, the festival is also known as ‘Maulik Mavlid’.

Shias celebrate the festival as the birthday of the last Prophet whereas Sunnis believe that Prophet Mohammad died on this day. There are various programs organised on this day where preaching of the last Nabi is reiterated. Many believed that doing so will lead them to Jannat and make them closer to Allah and his last Prophet.   People also decorate their houses with light and distribute food to the needy.

The festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and special functions are organised near the Dal Lake in the Valley.