As people plan to say goodbye to the year 2017 and welcome 2018, everybody is busy planning New Year parties and make the most of the situation. Apart from festivals, New Year’s time is another exciting time when people organise parties and celebrate the occasion with family, friends and people they want to be with. As the occasion marks the beginning of the New Year, the world in a whole awaits to welcome this by creating a positive environment, taking New Year resolutions and gist out a brief plan of what they would be doing in the next year. So, now we have established how important this occasion could be, let’s take a look at some things that we consider while welcoming the New Year.

5 important things you should consider before you welcome the New Year

  • Kiss someone at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve 

It’s a long followed belief that kissing someone at the stroke of midnight will bring you good fortune. As much as this tradition is considered for good fortune, some also believe that not kissing someone at 31st midnight may bring a year of loneliness. 

  • Avoid taking things out of your home

According to some beliefs, cleaning your place or donating things during the New Year’s time may bring you a bad fortune. It is said that if you will donate or indulge in cleaning, you might lose things for the entire year. So those who believe in such superstition, then double check your plans. 

  • Let those doors and windows at your place remain open during midnight 

In order to welcome the new year, open all your doors and windows at midnight and let the old year go out and new year come in. Again, it is believed that doing this will bring you good fortune and all your suffering, sorrows, hard memories with which you wouldn’t want to enter the new year, will pass out. 

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  • Love Grapes, then eat them at midnight 

Simply to bring the good luck charm, buy a bunch of grapes, at least 12, and eat them at midnight. The 12-grape theory says to have one for each month to bring the good luck charm for each month.

  • Do not lend out money 

It is believed that if you will lend out money on New Year’s time, you might end up losing money the entire year. So keep your wallet intact with you and indulge yourself in New Year celebrations an unforgettable one.

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