World Diabetes Day: Today is World Diabetes Day. The disease has become common in all age groups nowadays. This is because of the unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle and food habits. Even though we know that junk food and all sorts of foodstuffs that creates cholesterol in our body must be avoided, we don’t listen to our conscience and keep on eating those. Also, sleeping habits are one of the factors for Diabetes in people. Going to bed too late at night is an unhealthy way to live. So, here are all the causes and risk factors of the disease in detail.

World Diabetes Day: Causes of Diabetes

Diabetes are of two types, i.e. Type 1 and Type 2. In both, the cases the body is affected. While Type 1 diabetes causes the destruction of insulin-producing beta cells in Pancreas, Type 2 Diabetes affects the use of insulin by the body.

Here are the Causes of Diabetes:

According to scientists, type 1 diabetes can be triggered by environmental factors such as viruses or even genes.

10 risk factors of diabetes are as follows

  1. Overweight or obesity
  2. History of diabetes in your family
  3. Family history of high blood pressure
  4. having gestational diabetes or giving birth to more than a 9 pounds child
  5. PCOS (History of polycystic ovary syndrome)
  6. Having a high-density lipoprotein (HDL)
  7. Sedentary lifestyle
  8. Nerve problems
  9. Vision loss
  10. Joint deformities

When one feels thirsty all the time or is frequently urinating in a day then the person might have Type 1 diabetes, as these are the common symptoms. Bed-wetting in children (if previously didn’t wet the bed) and sudden weight loss, fatigue, feeling extreme hunger, weakness are also some of the common symptoms of the disease. Type 2 diabetes also shows the above-mentioned symptoms including Skin infections, Headaches and Sexual problems.

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