With people becoming more health conscious today, yoga studios have mushroomed all over India across neighbourhoods. But Zorba Yoga studios are unique because they believe that this is not just a form of exercise and today, are focussing specifically on women. In this chat with Latha Srinivasan, Sarvesh, CEO & Founder, Zorba Yoga, talks about how yoga benefits women, partnering with Malaika Arora and more.

Why have you decided to launch a yoga brand just for women?

Having a chain of yoga studios brand already, we wanted to come up with a dedicated setup with carefully crafted coursework exclusive for women to cater to their specific needs. A woman has got natural multi-tasking abilities and we all know how difficult it is to work simultaneously with undivided focus and attention. Rather than allocating batches for women, we wanted to come up with a brand new facility and tailor-made coursework as this ensures guaranteed results and that the timing does not become a factor to join the classes.

Importantly, we wanted to come up with a space that is much more than yoga to the client. We wanted this to be a place where she rejuvenates herself and has her own time with the friends she makes here. More of a mini-retreat is what we are focusing on, and make the whole concept of Diva Yoga a very experiential one.

How is yoga better than other forms of exercise?

Yoga being called as exercise is itself a misconception. Yoga is not just a physical fitness regime or a stress management method. It is much more than that. Every definition on the internet says Yoga is a unification of mind, body and soul. To put it in laymen terms, I’d say, yoga is a transformation process. It is a cleansing routine. Be that your body or mind or soul.

It helps you think better, talk better, eat better, transcend better. Practicing yoga results in finding a new you every day and that’s a progressive change. You have your yesterday as your goal and you exceed yourself today as a better you for tomorrow.

Why have you chosen Malaika Arora?

When you start out anything new, it is important that you and your partner have the same vision. Malaika is an empowered woman from whom anyone can draw inspiration. When such an inspiration is a fitness icon herself and a Bollywood Celebrity, what more does one need to engage in a partnership? And working with Malaika has been an enthralling experience so far. The attention she pays to every detail and her involvement in nurturing the brand has been very encouraging for the entrepreneur in me.

As a yoga expert, what advice would you give people before they join yoga?

Absolutely no advice but a couple of requests. I would want people to come with an open mind and leave all their previous conceptions about yoga at the doorstep. Yoga is for all, for any age and every walk of life. One might come into yoga with any number of goals, but yoga will definitely reward them with more than what they had wanted.

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