Madhya Pradesh Governor asks Kamal Nath to take trust vote on Tuesday, CM says Congress has numbers

16 March, 2020 | newsx bureau


Madhya Pradesh political crisis: Governor Lalji Tondon asked Chief Minister Kamal Nath to take trust vote before March 17 asserting if he doesn't do so, the House will believe that his government d...

Minutes after Madhya Pradesh Governor LalJi Tondon asked Chief Minister Kamal Nath to prove its majority by Tuesday, CM agreed saying Congress has the numbers. Congress stalwart has been claiming that BJP abducted Congress MLAs and pilling on the misery to resign.
In a letter to Chief, Governor said if Congress didn’t take the floor test by March 17, it will be assumed that Kamalnath government doesn’t have required support.
In the 228-member house, 6 have already resigned which brings the total number down to 222. Resignations of 16 MLAs haven’t accepted by the house yet. The magic number to form or save the government is 116.
Here SP (2), BJP (4) and 1 independent MLA would play the king maker’s role.
Lalji Tondon also criticized Chief Minister for writting him a letter, in which, he had called floor vote today as meaningless, baseless and against constitutional values.
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The 15-month-old Kamalnath government landed in the soup after Jyotiraditya Scindia, a four-time Congress MP, turned rebel and joined BJP. Reports said 20 other Congress MLAs are also in touch with BJP and may resign from their party to support saffron.
Earlier today, when Governor skipped his speeach and read only last page of his address amid follow the constitution slogans, Lalji Tondon walked out of the house saying all must follow the rules under the Constitution so that dignity of Madhya Pradesh remains protected.
The speaker then adjourned the house till March 26 in view to lawmakers health as corona virus threat looms.
Talking to the media, BJP’s three-term chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said even infection won’t save Kamal Nath’s government. He doesn’t have the majority and clearly lost his majority, he is avoided his defeat by a day or two, said Former Chief Minister.