Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Cabinet Ministers Appointed

22 April, 2020 | newsx bureau


Here's the list of newly appointed ministers in Madhya Pradesh's Shivraj Singh Chouhan cabinet and what profiles they have been assigned.

Today Madhya Pradesh BJP government appointed 5 ministers as their cabinet ministers and were assigned charges on the basis of districts.

This cabinet formation was done with the view to emphasize more on various districts of Madhya Pradesh and fight covid-19 there. The list of ministers who has been assigned to work as Cabinet Ministers and the divisions assigned to them are

1-Dr Narottam Mishra Bhopal and Ujjain

2-Tulsi Silvata Indore and Sagar

3-Kamal Patel Jabalpur and Narmada Puram

4 – Govind Singh Rajput Jabalpur and Gwalior

5 – Meena Singh Rewa and Shahdol

At present the main focus of these Ministers will be:-

1. Coordination at local level with Divisional Commissioner, IG, SP and Collector Health Department.

2. Communicate with local public representatives at block level

3. Taking feedback from the commoners.

4. Directing officers from time to time

5. To start delayed projects in various districts and especially focus on agricultural demands