Sunday, December 10, 2023

Karnataka officials say survey of madrasas to begin this month

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The Karnataka education department is expected to conduct a census of all madrasas in the state this month to ensure that youngsters attending the institutes are receiving education in accordance with the Right to Education Act, officials familiar with the matter said on Saturday.

The action is identical to one authorised by the Uttar Pradesh government last month.

The government of chief minister Basavaraj Bommai has instructed the education department to produce a report on activities in the state’s 960 madrasas. “A team headed by the commissioner of the education department has been formed to undertake the poll,” one of the officials said, demanding anonymity.

He stated that the group will begin survey work in October. “There is no set deadline for submitting the report.” We’ll submit it as soon as the inspections are finished.”

According to officials, the measure is a continuation of the instruction issued on August 23 by state education minister BC Nagesh. In a statement issued following a discussion with department officials over formal education provided to pupils attending madrasas, the minister asked staff to verify whether children attending madrasas are receiving education in accordance with the Right to Education Act.

According to the minister, after receiving religious education at madrasas, students must attend local schools to get a formal education in science and mathematics.

Nagesh stated that there is no clear and reliable information about students receiving formal education. “In this context, and with the future of students studying at madrasas in mind, there is a need to understand the nature of education at madrasas,” he stated in a statement posted by his office.

“Officials have been ordered to visit madrasas to inspect whether the education supplied at aided, unassisted, and private madrasas is in compliance with the Right to Education Act, and if not, what type of education is provided,” the minister stated.

He also stated that the government has received complaints of madrasas refusing to cooperate when inspectors come to inspect them.

“After gathering information on the situation on the ground,” the minister said, “a meeting with education specialists and those running madrasas would be organised.” “It is the government’s responsibility to offer formal education to every kid in accordance with the Right to Education Act, and every effort is being made to do so.” Overall, the government’s objective is for every child to receive a high-quality education.”

In Uttar Pradesh, which is also headed by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the state government began a census of unaffiliated madrasas on September 10. Three members of the government committee visited madrasas as part of the study, collecting information on 12 different topics, including their source of funding.

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