Sunday, December 3, 2023

Maharashtra Leader of Opposition Criticizes Smriti Irani’s Comments on Gandhi Family

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Vijay Wadettiwar, Leader of Opposition in Maharashtra and a senior Congress leader, took aim at Smriti Irani on Tuesday for her statement that the Gandhi family is primarily interested in empowering women within their own family. Wadettiwar remarked, “Someone who enters other people’s homes and appropriates the wealth of the wealthy has no authority to speak about the underprivileged, let alone the Congress.”

He continued, “What does Smriti Irani really comprehend? A person who enters others’ households and assumes ownership of affluent individuals’ property lacks the moral standing to comment on the impoverished or on the Congress.” Wadettiwar emphasized that the Congress has a well-documented history of uplifting the marginalized, and this is acknowledged not only within India but around the world.

Furthermore, he alleged, “The BJP is primarily concerned with business interests, and they attempt to deflect attention from their own actions by blaming the Congress.” This critique came in response to Smriti Irani’s questioning of former Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s absence from the Lok Sabha when the historic Women’s Reservation Bill was introduced.

Irani stated, “The Gandhi family is solely focused on empowering women within their own family, neglecting the empowerment of the poor, Adivasi, or Dalit women.” Sonia Gandhi, the Congress’ parliamentary party chief, had earlier asserted that the women’s reservation bill belonged to the Congress.

The Congress party, on the other hand, welcomed the bill’s introduction on Monday, highlighting its longstanding demand for women’s reservation in both Parliament and state assemblies.

The exchange of remarks underscores the intensity of the debate surrounding the Women’s Reservation Bill, which is currently under parliamentary scrutiny.

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