Thursday, November 30, 2023

Viral video: Man in West Bengal mimics dog’s bark

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A man in West Bengal’s Bankura can be seen behaving and barking like a dog in front of the BDO of his area in an astounding but humorous video that has leaked on the internet!

As absurd as it may seem, the event was indeed caught on camera and is now going viral. The man can be seen in the video imitating the bark of a dog in front of the Block Development Officer of his neighborhood because the name on his ration card was incorrectly printed. On his ration card, his last name, “Dutta,” appeared as “Kutta,” which was incorrect.

According to reports, he sought to correct the typo, but the Bankura management disregarded his request. He tried unsuccessfully to get the name changed, so he finally resorted to acting like a dog in front of the local authorities.

Well, it does appear to be a novel protest strategy—possibly the first of its type!

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