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Mangaluru: How Auto Rickshaw Blast Led to Unraveling of Terror Plot

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On Saturday in Mangaluru, there was an explosion inside a moving auto rickshaw that left two individuals hurt. A day after the explosion, detectives are looking into possible ties to terrorism in the case, but the police originally refrained from using the word “blast” and instead used the word “fire.”

The auto-rickshaw driver and a passenger suffered severe burn injuries as a result of the Mangaluru explosion. After being interrogated by the police, the auto-rickshaw driver revealed that the passenger had something in his luggage that had caught fire and spread throughout the vehicle.

As a result of more investigation, the police were able to dismantle a terror plan. They also found explosive material and multiple bogus identification cards at the home of the primary suspect.

The following is how the Karnataka terror plan was discovered:


The driver and a passenger of a moving auto-rickshaw were among those who suffered burn injuries after it burst in Mangaluru on Saturday, setting fire to the vehicle and spewing out thick smoke.

The person who entered the auto-rickshaw at Naguri coming from the Mangalore Railway Junction area was thought to be carrying a bogus ID.

After the blast, a cooker was found in the autorickshaw. Following the explosion, the state police was on high alert, and security was increased among other locations at airports, train stations, marketplaces, bus stops, and tourist attractions.

A day after the explosion in Mangaluru, Karnataka Director General of Police Praveen Sood stated on Sunday that the “depth investigation” into the event is ongoing and that the “mystery blast” was an act of terrorism.

“It’s now official. The explosion was not an accident; it was a terror attack with the aim to do significant harm. Along with federal authorities, Karnataka State Police is conducting a thorough investigation “declared the DGP in a tweet.

A team of National Investigation Agency (NIA) officials was also sent to Mangaluru, along with a bomb disposal squad, a dog squad, and other emergency personnel.

The primary suspect in the Mangaluru blast case is the autorickshaw passenger. Mohammed Shariq has been named as the man. The accused was missing in a terror case and had previously been arrested under the UAPA.

According to the information available thus far, the explosion happened while the passenger was still travelling to the designated explosive location.

Basavaraj Bommai, the chief minister of Karnataka, said that the suspect had ties to terrorism since he had visited several locations, including Coimbatore in the neighbouring Tamil Nadu state.

“This appears to be a terrorist attack. His travels to Coimbatore and other locations “obviously testify to his connection to terrorism,” stated CM Bommai.

The state police have joined the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and Intelligence Bureau (IB) officers in their investigation, according to the Karnataka CM.

The suspect is being treated at a hospital. He will be brought back to awareness so that we may continue our studies. Further research will provide additional information. A sizable network will be dismantled, he claimed.

“The evidence we obtained reveals that there is a significant conspiracy behind the occurrence,” stated Home Minister Araga Jnanendra. It is obvious that the criminals were connected to the terrorist group.

The team from the Forensic Science Laboratory Division (FSL) visited Shariq’s rental home in Mysore on Sunday as part of the ongoing investigation into the Mangaluru bomb case. At Shariq’s house, the crew discovered explosive-making supplies.

The FSL crew found components used in the production of explosives, including gelatin powder, circuit boards, tiny bolts, batteries, mobiles, wood power, aluminium multimeters, cables, mixing jars, pressure cookers, etc.

One mobile phone, two phoney Adhaar cards, one false pan card, and one FINO debit card were also found by the investigators. The accused was probably making explosive devices at his home, it is believed.

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