Manipur CM Biren Singh Dodges Resignation Query, Prioritizes Peace Amidst Unrest

21 July, 2023 | Don Tomslee

Biren Singh National

Government will take strict action against all the perpetrators and would even consider pushing for the death penalty.

On Friday, CM N Biren Singh dodged a question about the demand for him to resign, saying that his responsibility was to restore peace to the state and see that those responsible for the alleged incident in the viral video were held accountable.

This came amid renewed calls for his resignation and the uproar in Parliament over a viral video from Manipur that purportedly showed two women being paraded in the nude.

Manipur CM N. Biren Singh told media on Friday that four people, including the primary perpetrator, have been detained so far in connection with the event and promised that his administration would guarantee that those responsible would receive exemplary punishment. Various opposition figures have expressed their disgust with both Houses of Parliament and the Manipur event.

Manipur CM Biren Singh promises strict action against perpetrators

“Since the viral video became viral, everyone is incensed. All women are seen as mothers and sisters in our society, which is why protests have broken out across the state calling for harsh punishment for the culprits, the CM remarked.

Another video, which was released on Friday, showed women in Imphal destroying one of the accused’s home. It was claimed that the footage was from Thursday.
In the video, a mob is shown rampaging and causing damage to the house before setting it on fire.

“I was astonished when I watched the video. I found that the event occurred on May 4 after asking about it. I ordered a combing operation (to find the accused), and last night alone, we arrested one of the accused and after 40 days, this footage was released online”, said the Chief Minister.

The government will take strict action against all the perpetrators and would even consider pushing for the death penalty for the perpetrators.