Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Manipur poll of polls: BJP to lead electoral race?

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The main opposition Congress announced a pre-election coalition with four Left parties and the Janata Dal-Secular ahead of the Manipur Assembly election, while the ruling BJP presented a list of candidates to fight all 60 constituencies. NewsX’s poll of polls survey has predicted BJP’s win in the poll-bound state.

Seat Share:

Out of the 60 seats, Designed box has predicted BJP to win around 33-37 seats. Meanwhile, 13-17 seats are expected to be retained by INC, 2-4 by NPP, 4-6 by NPF and 0-2 by others.

P MARQ has also predicted BJP’s win, suggesting 31-37 seats. Meanwhile, 13-19 seats are expected to be secured by INC, 4-10 by NPP, 3-9 by NPF and 0-2 by Others.

CVOTER has predicted a close competition between BJP and Congress, suggesting that 23-27 seats are likely to be secured by BJP and 22-26 seats by Congress. Meanwhile, 2-6 seats are expected to be secured by NPF and 5-9 by Others. However, no party appears to have a full majority in the election, as per CVOTER.

India TV also predicts a tight contest between the BJP and the Congress, with the BJP expected to win 26-30 seats and the Congress likely to win 22-26. Meanwhile, the NPP is anticipated to win 1-3 seats, the NPF 3-7, and Others 0-2 seats. Again, no party appears to have a full majority in the election.

As per poll of polls, BJP is likely to lead the electoral race with 30 seats. INC will be at number 2nd with 19 seats. 4 seats will be secured by NPP, 5 by NPF and 2 by Others.

Vote Share:

As per Design Boxed, BJP is expected to lead with a 41% vote share, followed by INC (30%), NPP (5%), NPF (8%) and others (16%). P Marq has predicted 39% vote share for BJP, 28.8% for INC, 14.3% for NPP, 6.4% for NPF and 11.5% for Others.

CVOTER has predicted 35.5% vote share for BJP, 32.6% for Congress, 11.2% for NPF, and 20.7% for Others. India TV has predicted 39% vote share for BJP, 37% for INC, 4% for NPP, 11% for NPF and 9% for Others.

The Poll of polls has estimated 38.62% vote share for BJP, 32.1% for INC, 7.76% for NPP, 9.15% for NPF and 12.37% for others.

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