Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Manish Singh of ZZED Media throws light on how to attain a million-dollar company early in life

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There are a few individuals who have achieved success at an age when many are still trying to figure out their future course of action and Manish Singh is one of them who has done exceptionally well in his professional career in his 20s, having taken over the reins of the entrepreneurial world by establishing his ZZED group of companies which have many companies under it. He has achieved a million dollar mark in revenues from his businesses, which is quite impressive for a person his age. Although the numbers look promising, the journey of building his businesses has been a tough one as he had to face innumerable challenges during its course, often facing some most unpredictable moments and hair-raising experiences which were far from being smooth. He says that one can achieve the impossible if he is focussed and determined to make it to the top. However, to reach there one has to go through the grind and tread the right path, without which there are chances of failures and setbacks. Here he charts out a few important points which are useful in building a flourishing business which can reach the million dollar mark. He strongly feels that the business you are about to build is a direct extension of yourself, and it will reflect your own beliefs, strengths and weaknesses.

According to Manish Singh, the business you’re about to build will be a direct extension of you. Its DNA will mirror your own beliefs, motivations, worldviews, strengths and weaknesses. If any given point of time you are experiencing hiccups in your business, It’s because you have not developed yourself well to move ahead smoothly on the path that leads to success. Secondly, build an efficient team that can help your business grow as doing it all yourself will exhaust you till no end and give no results. Hiring the right people is the first step in taking your business towards success. Once you have set up your core team and the business is on a roll, it’s time to master the number one skill, the ability to make a loyal customer as they are one of the most important links that can help your business tide successfully and reach their desired destination.

Finally, you should train yourself to face the unforeseen challenges that are destined to come along the way. These can be demotivating and hold you from walking further, but you need to go beyond these and keep working towards reaching your goals to make your company a huge success. “It’s quite easy to be let down by setbacks. But when you embrace success and look back, they might seem very small in comparison to the glory that you’ve attained,” concludes Manish as he ends the topic of how to make it to the top league being young.

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