Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Manish Tewari backs Kharge for Cong President Race

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“I think Kharge will provide the Congress party with the safe set of hands they need in this moment. He has an unflappable demeanour. After several years, Kharge has advanced from the party’s lowest positions. Stability is needed in Congress, which I believe Kharge can deliver “Tewari remarked.

In contrast to Shashi Tharoor, another candidate for the party’s top position, Tewari, a member of the G-23 group (seeking reforms inside the Congress), expressed support for Kharge.

On October 17, votes will be cast for the position of Congress president, and the results will be announced on October 19.

Tewari said in a statement to ANI, “The Congress party needs a safe pair of hands in the shape of Mallikarjun Kharge in this circumstance, in my opinion, provided all the facts are taken into account and a fair evaluation is made. Kharge has spent more than 50 years of his life serving the Congress. He has an unflappable demeanour. After several years, Kharge has advanced from the party’s lowest positions. Kharge, in my opinion, can provide Congress the stability it needs.”

Notably, Tewari was one of Kharge’s proposers on September 30, when the latter submitted his nomination for the national capital’s party president race. Another G23 leader, Anand Sharma, also offered a proposal.

Other party leaders who supported Kharge’s nomination include AK Antony, Ashok Gehlot, Ambika Soni, Mukul Wasnik, Ajay Maken, Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Digvijaya Singh, Tariq Anwar, Salman Khurshid, Akhilesh Prasad Singh, Deepender Singh Hooda, V Narayanasamy, V Vaithilingam, Pramod Tiwari, PL Punia, Avinash Pande

Sonia Gandhi, the interim president of the Congress, will always have a part to play in the party, according to Tewari. “Sonia Gandhi has always carried out her responsibilities impartially. She will always play a part in the celebration. I want to know when the last democratic poll in the BJP had place, the man continued.

Tewari added that the Supreme Court is now considering arguments on the topic of Article 370, which was repealed by the Center on August 5, 2019, and that arguments would be heard on October 31.

Jammu & Kashmir has been and will continue to be a vital component of India. Congress did not put Article 370 into effect in J-K.

Syama Prasad Mukherjee was a member of the constituent legislature of India, which put Article 370 into effect, the speaker added.

The leader of the Congress stated that it is “irresponsible” to say that the entire matter has been resolved before the highest court.

“The Supreme Court is still taking notice of whatever transpired in the Rajya Sabha and then the Lok Sabha on August 5–6, 2019 (about the passage of the bill).” The situation will be discussed on October 31. It would be reckless to claim that the matter was over before the SC decision, he said.

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