Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Pakistan is duty bound to ensure safety of all Indians in custody: MEA on Indian prisoners

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India reaffirmed on Friday that Pakistan has a responsibility to safeguard the security of all Indians in its custody and that cases of Indian prisoner fatalities are worrying in light of the rising number of deaths of Indian inmates in Pakistani jails.

Ministry of External Affairs’ designated spokeswoman, Arindam Bagchi, stated in a weekly Presser that “These escalating occurrences of fatalities of Indian prisoners are worrying and raise the question of their safety and security in Pakistani jails.”

Bagchi emphasized the issue’s persistence by pointing out that there have been a growing number of fisherman fatalities in recent years and that Pakistan has been questioned about the safety of Indian detainees, particularly fishermen.

“This is a persistent issue. We know that the number of fishermen who have passed away in recent years has increased. In the last nine months, six Indian prisoners—five of them were fishermen—had passed away while being held in Pakistani custody “Bagchi threw in.

He emphasized that the inmates were being held unlawfully by the neighbouring country although all six Indian detainees had served their terms and that India had repeatedly demanded their release and repatriation.

The issue of the rapid repatriation of Indian detainees has been brought up multiple times by the High Commission of India in Islamabad.

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