Meet Arpitaa Bansal: A New Voice In Punjabi Music Industry Ready To Captivate The Soul & Rock The Floors With Her Upcoming Song “Sufna Viyah Da”

26 July, 2021 | newsx bureau

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Arpitaa Bansal is all set to charm her fans with an upcoming song titled “Sufna Viyah Da”. She has released the first look poster of the song on her social media handle.

Well-Known singer Arpitaa Bansal after impressing the fans with the song “Ranjha” is now ready with another soulful composition “Sufna Viyah Da”. The singer has released the first look poster of the song on her social media handle.

Arpitaa Bansal is amongst one of the most amazing artists whose voice feels like magic to the ears. She has sung and vocalized many best songs to date. Her soothing & melodious voice always has won the hearts of millions. The singer is very well-known for her powerful voice, stellar performance, and hit melodies in the Punjabi Music Industry.

Sharing the first look of her upcoming song on the Instagram page, Arpitaa has created excitement amongst her fans about the song. In the poster, you can see the singer wearing a gorgeous Black suit & Saffron shade striking a pose with wheelchair-ridden Gulfam Ahmed. The poster suggests that the song will be a huge hit with superb music and heartfelt lyrics. The release date of the song is not yet revealed.

Setting standards and creating excitement amongst the audience is always in her forte. Before the release of her new song, Arpitaa has come out with a very heart touching message that “Love has no Boundaries and Obstacles; it’s a divine feeling in itself”

Arpitaa is best known for her soothing and magical voice that certainly helps to uplift your mood. The moments showcased in the video truly speak to the lyrics of the songs. The synchronization is amazing. The location featured in the song sums up the beauty of Punjab. The costume designing is very well taken care of and the choice of characters is equally settled.

Talking more about magical singer Arpita Bansal, she is an Actress and Entrepreneur associated with Punjabi Music & Cinema. She is born and raised in Nabha, Punjab. Since childhood Arpitaa was fascinated by Music.

Her first song “Lakeeran” (2018) was launched by Sony Music which was Superhit at that time. Arpitaa is known for her independent singing in the genre of Punjabi pop and Punjabi folk music.

Her individual Punjabi Music video “Yaara” (2020) was released by Times Music. The song topped the music charts and she received several accolades for her superb singing style.

“God has planned something for everyone & we should never challenge God’s Planning,” these words are written for Arpitaa Bansal. While everything was going smoothly, a tragic incident happened which took Arpitaa miles away from singing. She met with a car accident, and her vocal cords got swollen due to which there was even difficulty in speaking. It took many years for her to recover; unfortunately, Doctors have said that she will never sing again. One fine morning as she was humming an old Punjabi Folk song, someone told her that she should give it a try in recording songs as her vocals are perfect for Punjabi songs. That’s how she got into singing and is now a mainstream Punjabi artist.

Arpitaa is also a proud owner of two International Magazines “Atelier Creating Fashion”, and “Atelier Diva”. The magazines cater to an elite class and also cover multifarious avenues including fashion, beauty, lifestyle, art, sport, and investments.

Besides her singing career & entrepreneurship, Arpitaa is also a Social Worker. She is the founder of an NGO (Muskaan KK Memorial Trust) which helps to empower women and encourages youngsters to showcase their hidden talents. Arpitaa has initiated many social activities & campaigns. She is also ahead in counseling classes in slum areas for the betterment of the new generation. Apart from that Arpitaa is also a well-known Vedic Astrologer and Name Numerologist.

 Arpitaa Bansal is a truly Multi-gifted woman with a positive mind and an inspiration to many!