Mere Dad Ki Dulhan: Shweta Tiwari assures she has recovered from the minor burns suffered while shooting, ready to film a bike riding sequence

16 March, 2020 | newsx bureau

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Entertainment

Shweta Tiwari recently suffered minor burns while shooting for her serial Mere Dad Ki Dulhan, was seen in a video put up by her co-star Varun Badola where she clarifies that the burns were minor an...

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan, a Sony television network serial that features Shweta Tiwari and Varun Badola in the lead lately saw one half of its lead pair suffer an injury while shooting in Shweta Tiwari, she suffered the injury while filming a sequence with Fahmaan Khan, and it looks like the actor has fully recovered from the injury as she informed everyone about it in an Instagram video put up by Varun Badola.
The video features Varun playfully teasing Shweta that it’s because of faults in her star that she suffered such an accident and he fears that while filming the bike sequence which they were about to film, she will get herself injured again by sticking her leg on the silencer of the bike.
Shweta Tiwari in the same videos addresses the status of her injury and proclaims that similar wounds are suffered by her while making roti’s in her house and its no big deal as she has recovered to the point her wound is barely visible.

Shweta Tiwar and Varun Badola

Shweta Tiwari and Varun Badola

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan actor suffered the injury on her wrist and details about the injury were scarce which led to speculations that she might have been severely injured while filming, Fahmaan Khan the co-star of Shweta Tiwari on the same serial revealed in an interview how everyone on the set thought she was improvising and no one came to help her out as the fire got out of hand.
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Which led to Shweta suffering a minor burn on her wrist, Shweta in the recent video and pictures put up by Varun Badola and other crew members was seen prepping up for a sequence where she will be seen riding a motorcycle with Varun, which has assured her fans and well-wishers that she indeed suffered minor burns and has fully recovered from it.