Merium Pervaiz Cosmetics –an unforgettable experience

15 July, 2021 | newsx bureau

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Merium Pervaiz began her journey in 2018 as an Instagram influencer. She has recently launched her own makeup brand by the name of "Merium Pervaiz Cosmetics".

Nowadays we see that new businesses are sprouting all across the world and a major way to publicize them is social media. Recently a trend has been noticed that a lot of famous personalities have launched their own businesses in the form of their own brands whether it be clothing, shoes, or makeup but it has been seen that makeup brands take away the spotlight.

It’s not a piece of cake to start up a brand and so only those people can step into this industry who are not only ambitious but also have the skill and nerves to bear the pressure. A shining name in this category is that of a famous YouTube celebrity “Merium Pervaiz”.

Merium Pervaiz began her way to success back in 2018 starting with an Instagram account. Merium has recently stepped into business after launching her own makeup brand by the name of “Merium Pervaiz Cosmetics”. As soon as the brand was launched, the fans became excited and the products were sold out in just a few hours. The brand’s website went down immediately after the launch of the products showing that the people were loving the products and were waiting anxiously for them to available for purchase.

Currently, the products are limited and are only available on the website of the brand but after seeing the immense attention that the product line is getting it will be inevitable to make them available all over the market so that people can easily buy them. At the moment the brand offers a total of three products which include mascara, an eyeshade palette, and eyelashes of various thicknesses. A major plus point of this makeup brand is that it is economical.

Speaking about the cosmetics individually, there is a great mascara available in the range of Rs.1000/- which is made of the best ingredients available that are not harmful to the eye hence keeping them safe and giving the women a chance to beautify their eyes every day, then there are eyelashes of variable thickness and length which come with different funky names according to their specifications. These too have been made with the aid of top-tier fibers available so that they do not harm the eyes too. Both of these products are unmatchable in their own way but the show-stealer is the wonderful eyeshade palette named “Bounty”. This is a highly pigmented eyeshade kit that has different types of eyeshades ranging from the matte ones to the shimmery glitters. Among the products these palettes are the ones that have been sold like hotcakes, these palettes are surely a tough competition for the high-end beauty brands that have palettes like these worth thousands of rupees. The bounty palette comes between a price range of Rs.4000/- which is way less than the price of palettes that are equivalent to it in quality and other specs. After knowing about the quality and fair pricing of the products ,Merium Pervaiz Cosmetics surely deserves to be supported and appreciated since they have provided high-end products for the women of Pakistan in a price range that is pocket friendly.

Lastly, it can be undoubtedly claimed that this newbie brand will surely be a very tough competition for all the brands in the industry and will surely make its mark both nationally and internationally.