Meta Threads: Here’s the new Twitter competitor launched by Mark Zuckerberg and its Features

6 July, 2023 | Bhavnish Tawar

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(with inputs from Anupam Shrivastav) According to Mark Zuckerberg, Meta Threads saw an impressive sign-up rate, with over 5 million people registering within four hours of the app's release.

If you are tired of the recent Rate Limit introduced by Elon Musk-owned microblogging platform Twitter, you’ll be happy to know that Mark Zuckerberg led Meta’s newest offering known as Meta Threads went live for the first time on Wednesday.

The CEO of Meta Platforms Inc., Mark Zuckerberg, announced the debut, positioning Threads as “a new, separate space for real-time updates and public conversations,” according to The Hollywood Reporter, a US-based media outlet.

Announcing the arrival of Twitter’s substitute, Mark broke his 11-year-long silence on Elon Musk’s platform with an iconic Spiderman meme taking a playful jibe at Musk. This comes as fans of both Elon and Mark have been hyping up a boxing match between the two personalities.

The launch of Threads coincides with Elon Musk’s announcement that there would be restrictions on the number of tweets you can read each day on Twitter, even though the platform has apparently been in development since January.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s Threads saw an impressive sign-up rate, with over 5 million people registering within the initial four hours of the app’s release.

With applications for iOS and Android, Threads will be accessible in over 100 countries, and new features like a better recommendation engine and search functionality will be introduced over time.

“Our vision is that people using compatible apps will be able to follow and interact with people on Threads without having a Threads account, and vice versa, ushering in a new era of diverse and interconnected networks,” the company wrote in a blog post. “Threads is Meta’s first app envisioned to be compatible with an open social networking protocol – we hope that by joining this fast-growing ecosystem of interoperable services, Threads will help people find their community, no matter what app they use,” said Meta.

The App description on the App store read “Threads is where communities come together to discuss everything from the topics you care about today to what’ll be trending tomorrow. Whatever it is you’re interested in, you can follow and connect directly with your favourite creators and others who love the same things — or build a loyal following of your own to share your ideas, opinions and creativity with the world.”

Although there are several Twitter substitutes (including Mastodon, Truth Social, and Bluesky), none of them have been able to duplicate the network effects. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Instagram believes that by integrating its current social networks, Threads would have an advantage over its rivals.


Meta Threads and Twitter are two different platforms with distinct purposes and features

Meta threads refer to discussions or conversations within an online community or forum. These threads often focus on the community, such as discussions about rules, guidelines, or improvements to the platform. Meta threads are typically confined to the community and are not accessible or visible to users outside that specific community. The primary objective of meta threads is to facilitate communication and engagement among community members.

On the other hand, Twitter is a social media platform that allows users to share short messages or updates, known as tweets, with a broader audience. Twitter is designed to be a public platform, enabling users to connect, follow, and engage with people worldwide. It offers various features like hashtags, mentions, and retweets, which help users discover and participate in trending topics or conversations. Unlike meta threads, Twitter is not limited to a specific community or forum but encompasses a vast network of users with diverse interests.

In summary, while meta-threads focus on discussions within a specific online community, Twitter is a public social media platform that enables users to share and engage with content on a broader scale.

If you want to use Threads, you must have an Instagram account. When you create your profile on Threads, you can import your bio information and followers from your existing Instagram profile. And here’s an exciting thing. Threads have confirmed that they’ll give users a character count limit of 500. In comparison, unverified Twitter users are limited to just 280 characters.

Cool features of Meta Threads

  1. Nested Threads: Meta threads allow users to create nested threads within a central thread. This feature enables branching conversations and makes it easier to follow specific subtopics or replies within a broader discussion.
  2. Thread Summaries: Meta threads often provide thread summaries or previews, giving a brief overview of the content within a thread. This helps users quickly gauge the relevance and importance of a thread before diving into it.
  3. Tagging and Categorization: Users can assign tags or categories to threads, making searching for specific topics or filtering discussions based on interests easier. This feature aids in organizing and structuring conversations, ensuring users can find relevant content quickly.
  4. Thread Voting and Ranking: Meta threads often incorporate a voting or ranking system where users can upvote or downvote threads based on their quality or relevance. This helps prioritize popular or valuable threads, ensuring they receive more attention and engagement.
  5. Thread Notifications: Users can opt-in for thread notifications, receiving alerts when new replies or updates occur within a thread they’re interested in. This feature keeps users engaged and informed about ongoing discussions without constantly checking for updates.
  6. Thread Following: Users can follow specific threads, bookmarking them for easy access later. This feature is handy when users want to revisit discussions or keep track of threads they find particularly interesting.
  7. Thread Moderation: Meta threads often have built-in moderation tools that allow designated users or moderators to manage and enforce community guidelines. This feature helps maintain a healthy and respectful environment for discussions.
  8. Thread Analytics: Some meta thread platforms offer analytics tools that provide insights into thread activity, such as the number of views, replies, or engagement levels. This data can help understand user preferences and optimize future discussions.

Overall, meta-threads offer a range of superb features that enhance user engagement, facilitate organized discussions, and promote a sense of community within online forums.