Sunday, December 3, 2023

J&K: 2 Migrant workers shot by suspected militants

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Suspected terrorists opened fire on two people in the Anantnag area of south Kashmir on Thursday night in yet another attack on migrant labourers there.

Two migrant labourers, one from Bihar and the other from Nepal, were shot while they were working at a private school. According to hospital authorities, one of them is critical, while the other is stable.

According to the police, Sabir Abdullah Public School (SAPS) in Anantnag’s Bondialgam neighbourhood was entered by alleged militants on Thursday evening. They approached the two migrant labourers and offered to give them a job. The extremists shot from a handgun at the two migrant labourers as they emerged.

Bekku Ram, a Biha local, and Tej Bahadur, a Nepalese citizen, have been recognised as the wounded employees by the police.

“The preliminary investigation showed that both victims were summoned to the scene of activity by terrorists.

Terrorists opened fire on them with a handgun as soon as they emerged, according to a police statement.

According to the Additional Director General of Police (Kashmir), Vijay Kumar, the incident was a “cowardly and callous act of terrorism,” and the militants who carried it out will soon be “brought to justice,” according to a police statement.

In the incident, the migrant labourers suffered severe injuries after being shot at point blank range. The hurt employees have transported right away to Government Medical College (GMC) Anantnag for medical attention. According to hospital authorities, one of them is in severe condition while the other is stable.

A combination team of J-K Police, Army, and paramilitary troops roped off the neighbourhood and began search operations shortly after Thursday’s attack on the migrant labourers. The goal was to find the terrorists who carried out the attack.

In a separate incident, an explosion in Kulgam, south Kashmir, injured three migrant labourers. The gas cylinder burst, according to the authorities, caused the minor injuries that the migrant labourers sustained.

Attacks by terrorists this year have targeted both members of the minority community and workers from outside Kashmir. In the past year, militants have killed 10 non-local personnel, including a bank manager and a teacher, and injured over a dozen others. In addition, extremists have already this year slain three Hindus from Kashmir.

Two migrant workers from Uttar Pradesh were slain by terrorists on October 18 in Shopian’s Harmain hamlet during a targeted grenade strike. In the Chowdhary Gund hamlet in the same area, terrorists murdered a Kashmiri Hindu, also referred to as a pandit, the day before the attack.

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