Saturday, December 2, 2023

Mission Oxygen: NewsX lays down India Inc action plan to combat crisis

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The second wave of coronavirus, which is more infectious than before, is ravaging the entire nation, with cases skyrocketing. The death toll is also getting out of hands, there is a shortage of Oxygen everywhere in hospitals resulting in several patients passing away in single instances when the oxygen runs out. Team NewsX has come up with an action plan to combat the ongoing Oxygen crisis in the country.

NewsX suggests, a thousand new Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) trucks can solve the ongoing Oxygen crunch. Each truck can carry about 1.5 tonnes of LMO per trip and LMO can be gasified locally. The addition of 1,000 more LMO trucks will solve the ongoing Oxygen crisis in Delhi, Lucknow and parts of North India. These trucks won’t become useless after this, as things stabilise, they can be sent elsewhere and tankers can be used as fixed reserve later.

Another arrangement that India should aim at right now is Oxygen cylinders as people can even take them home. 10,000 new Oxygen cylinders can solve the crisis for India and they can also serve as back up options for hospitals. People with mild conditions require oxygen for 1-5 days to stabilize, so, some might not even require refilling.

4,000 new Oxygen concentrators will also help battle this Oxygen crisis. An oxygen concentrator is able to absorb gases from the air, most of which are comprised of nitrogen, and then filters them, expelling nitrogen and other gases, keeping only oxygen. The oxygen produced by these concentrators is unsuitable for patients suffering from severe cases of coronavirus with oxygen saturation levels below 85% but it works well on patients with mild cases of the virus.

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