Misuse of students’ fund: DUSU President Akshit Dahiya meets Delhi govt. funded College Union & Society representatives via video conference

25 May, 2020 | newsx bureau

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DUSU President Akshit Dahiya said any kind of injustice with the students will not be tolerated.

The Delhi University Students’ Union has always sought to be credible , responsible and student-friendly through standing against the notion of injustice and putting forth the best interests of the student community. DUSU henceforth held a meeting with the college representatives of the respective 12 colleges which are funded by the Government of Delhi and also with the society representatives with regard to the situation wherein the government has decided to utilise the fund allocated for the welfare of the students to make the payment/salaries to the teachers of the colleges.

The Delhi University Students’ Union also took the initiative of addressing a letter to the Government of Delhi in regard to this situation. It has taken the initiative of writing the letter to the Delhi government in order to explain the consequences of this severe step which can lead to prevailing of problems for the societies as well as the deprivation of the students fund. In the letter, the grievances associated with the step were also thoroughly explained.

The Delhi University Students’ Union also took the initiative of writing a letter to the principals of the respective 12 colleges and implored them to let us know if they have in case received such an information or perhaps a query from the Delhi government inquiring for the details of the fund. We also requested them not to utilise the fund for the payments/salaries. In case the government of Delhi does not decide to hold back this step , the initiative of approaching RBI will be taken further.

The DUSU President Akshit Dahiya said ‘’ As a responsible representative of the students of the Delhi University, it is my responsibility that I must not let any kind of injustice happen with the students. Therefore , DUSU has taken initiatives so that this step is held back and the students’ fund which is allocated for them should be utilised only for their welfare. Henceforth , I stand by all the students and will ensure that they are not hampered in any manner’’