Thursday, November 30, 2023

Both men and women in Iran are deprived of so many rights: Iranian Artist Mitra Jashni speaks on Iran Hijab Revolution

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In an enlightening conversation with NewsX, Iranian Artist Mitra Jashni voiced her opinion out on Iran Hijab Revolution

On being asked about the deaths of more than 50 people protesting against hijab and Mahsa Haminis death have been killed, how should the global community be reacting, she said, ” Oppression on women of Iran and discrimination against them is not limited the issue on compulsory hijab. Both men and women in Iran are deprived of so many rights and other rights under the Islamic republic I want the board listen to us and know we don’t the Islamic republic anymore, we don’t want the Sharia law, not only Hijab, hijab is something that was taken from us 5 decades ago, what we want is freedom for my country, we want to 11ve under the libral, patriotic and democratic government.”

On being asked about her posts on how the moral police have been beating up women, she said ” Now people in the streets are protesting against the totalitarian regime and chant god bless Reza Shah’s rule because they believe it has granted them many rights last century for which they have to fight and they have sacrificed their blood now. As long as Islamic republic took power they unleash sharia police to torment, to beat women and men and since the early days of abolishment of apartheid and totalitarian regime, totalitarian government Iranian men and women have fought against them.”

Moving furter, we asked her that there are 100 million Muslim women in India, the exact opposite conversation is happening here on the right to wear hijab, how does she think can we empower young girls so that they make their own choice and not be dictated to by ideologues, to which she entusiastically replied ” India has a great civilized background and democrat leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, why Indian women must follow-up the ideology that doesn’t belong to them?”

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