Mohena Kumari Singh on #RiMoRav : Gaurav Wadhwa and I are still in touch

21 April, 2020 | newsx bureau

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Recently in an interview, Mohena Kumari Singh said that she is enjoying her quarantine period in Dehradun with her in-laws. She also said that from her trio with Gaurav Wadhwa and Rishi Dev, she i...

The coronavirus pandemic has hit India, which has caused a lot of changes in everybody’s life. One famous actress Mohena Kumar Singh is under quarantine in Dehradun. Mohena’s in-laws stay in Dehradun, at present, she is with her in-laws. She shifted to the city to post her marriage with Suyash Rawat. Recently in an interview, she said that life in Dehradun is better than life in Mumbai at least at present as the cases are more in Mumbai and the pandemic has hit hard the state of Maharashtra. Though she added that now the cases are becoming bad everywhere.

Mohena said she is with her entire family and now for the very first time after marriage she has stopped traveling, she is getting used to her married life and her new house. She further said, in the beginning, things were tough for her and she was not able to understand a few things but then gradually things went well. Her in-laws travel a lot and with them, she also travels a lot many at times for some nuptials. she even had to go to a wedding but no it got canceled because of the pandemic.

At present, she is enjoying with her family and she and her husband are discovering new hobbies, she is also learning to edit. Mohena also told about her 2 friends Rishi Dev and Gaurav Wadhwa, the trio #RiMoRav is very popular and has many fans. Mohena said that she and Gaurav are still in touch they have their own channel on which they make stuff together and also they will be haring out a vlog soon on that channel.

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Six months ago was literally the biggest day of my life…a day full of nervousness, laughter , hugs & tears a lot of things changed, a lot of new things began. My family did so much for me and my happiness and gave me so much love.I will never be able to thank them enough. My new family supported me and took me in with so much love that I will be indebted with love for life. Thanks to all my friends who made it for my big day , I literally couldn’t do it without you’ll, love you guys so much. All our staff – my extended family- that was there working tirelessly day in and day out to make these days and this day especially , so wonderful for us.A big thank you to all the Premi’s of Manav Dharam @manavdharam who came from all over the world to celebrate our day with us thank you for all the love. And now for the one and only , the one who has been my pillar , my buddy , my partner in crimes and good deeds @suyeshrawat, my love, my everything. Thank you for sharing and cherishing the best moment of my life. I love you My Pati. So much ♥️ #happysixmonths #sumo #sumokishaadi Thanks for the Lovely Teaser @storiesbyjosephradhik Eagerly waiting for The Wedding Film ??

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