Saturday, December 9, 2023

Morbi survivor: Mischievous kids were shaking ropes of bridge

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A survivor of the Morbi bridge tragedy in Gujarat reported on Monday that some naughty kids were disturbing the bridge’s ropes just before it collapsed, killing around 132 people and wounding over 100 more.

Ashwin Mehra, a survivor, stated, “It happened about 6.30 pm. About 15-20 naughty young kids were shaking the ropes of the bridge. Three times a noise emanated from it before it fell.”

When asked about his survival, he said “I managed to escape by clinging to neighbouring tree branches. My friend Prakash was with me, and he made it through as well.”

“He was hurt in the back and the leg. He is receiving care in a public hospital” he added.

The Morbi bridge collapse event resulted in the admission of all injured survivors to GMERS General Hospital.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will go to Morbi, Gujarat, tomorrow, according to a statement from the office of the state chief minister.

The newest estimates state that after a cable suspension bridge in Morbi town fell on Sunday, throwing people into the Machchhu river, at least 132 people—including women and children—were killed and more than 100 are still being treated for their wounds.

Meanwhile, NewsX also got in conversation with Morbi tragedy eye witnesses, follow the link below to know the full story:

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