‘Most Livable City’ Hyderabad turned into the ‘Most Dreaded City’, under KCR’s rule – Congress

16 October, 2020 | newsx bureau

AICC spokesperson Dr Dasoju Sravan National

AICC spokesperson Dr Dasoju Sravan said that Congress party shaped Hyderabad city into 'The Most Livable City' and a global destination during its rule, Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has turne...

Congress party shaped Hyderabad city into ‘The Most Livable City’ and a global destination during its rule, Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has turned it into the most dreaded city in his seven year rule, fired AICC spokesperson Dr Dasoju Sravan.

Expressing severe ire over the utter neglect of TRS Government in dealing with the heavy rains in Hyderabad, Dr Dasoju Sravan questioned, “Hyderabad city has contributed Rs 7 lakh crore to state exchequer in the past seven years but the city’s infrastructure has been completely debilitated. Where has all that money gone. People are completely devastated and do not even have essential commodities and food to eat. Why is CM KCR still not reviewing the relief measures or announcing compensation? What is the Municipal Minister KTR doing? Why is he fearing to visit the flood areas without security and oversee relief measures?”

“This is not the first time Hyderabad has received heavy rains. Though the Meteorological department warned of heavy rains, the Government did not take any preventive steps or set up a control room to monitor the situation. While the city was being washed away, CM KCR reviewed the ‘Haritha Haram’ on Wednesday and only after extensive devastation, did CM hold a review on rains on Thursday afternoon. Even this was done, after the Prime Minister and The President inquired about the situation. Municipal Affairs Minister KT Rama Rao who makes tall claims about Hyderabad’s development was nowhere seen in relief operations. Only after the damage was done, he visited selected areas, that too flanked by DGP under tight security? Why is he fearing to interact with people who are devastated with floods? TRS Government has turned the global city Hyderabad which is considered as ‘Most Livable city’ into the dreaded city” said Dr Dasoju Sravan speaking at Gandhi Bhavan in Hyderabad on Thursday.

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Dr Dasoju Sravan

Dr Dasoju Sravan

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“Hyderabad contributed about Rs 7 lakh crore to state exchequer in the past seven years. Municipal Affairs Minister KTR claims that Rs 67,000 Crore were spent on Hyderabad’s development. Where has all that money gone? Did that money go into the pockets of KTR? Because there are about 12821 illegal structures on nalas in Greater Hyderabad and Rs 12,000 Crore is needed to erase them. How many illegal structures did the TRS Govt demolish? There are 185 lakes in the GHMC area, which have been encroached. There are 3,132 lakes in HMDA limits which have been encroached. Did the TRS Govt reclaim at least one inch from encroachments? While we need 5000 kms-long drainage we have just 1500 kms. There are just 2 lakh manholes while we need 4.2 lakh manholes. These facts prove that TRS Govt has completely messed up Hyderabad. This Govt does not even have an ‘urban development policy’. Though people are left to fend for themselves no TRS MLA or Corporator is on the field to help them. Congress party demands CM KCR to immediately announce ex-gratias to the deceased and compensation for the lakhs of affected families,” said Dr Dasoju Srava, coming down heavily on TRS Government’s inaction and incompetence in monitoring floods, which wreaked havoc with the lives of Hyderabadis.

Dr Dasoju Sravan urges Congress cadres to help Hyderabadis:

Dr Dasoju Sravan visited flood affected areas in Khairatabad and other areas early in the morning. Moved by the plight of residents for low lying areas in several areas, he urged Congress cadres to participate in relief measures.

“Residents across the city are suffering severely due to rains and floods. Neither TRS corporators nor AIMIM corporators are visible. Even TRS MLAs are nowhere to be seen. Congress cadres across the city should come forward and participate in relief measures and help residents in their locality in whichever way possible. In many localities people do not even have food to eat as there is no power and all essential commodities have been washed away. Rahul Gandhiji also inquired about the situation in Hyderabad and directed Congress cadres to take up relief activities. I urge all Congress workers to stand by Hyderabadies at this critical time,” appealed Dr Dasoju Sravan

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