Most of my films get so much repeat value on television: Arjan Bajwa

6 July, 2021 | newsx bureau

Arjan Bajwa A List

Actor Arjan Bajwa spoke exclusively to NewsX as part of the NewsX India A-List about the hurdles he faced while filming during pandemic, his upcoming projects and much more.

Actor Arjan Bajwa recently joined NewsX  for an exclusive conversation as part of NewsX India A-List. In the exclusive conversation, the actor opened up about the challenges he faced during the pandemic and also talked his upcoming projects. Talking about how he dealt with the pandemic, Arjan said, “I think last year we were a little bit new to the whole scenario so we did not really know what to do and even though there was a fear factor always, Sword was hanging on your head that you were not aware of what the consequences of this kind of a situation would be. Still we were a little more optimistic this time when it happened. It instilled much more fear because you knew what it could do.”

“Considering that, the second wave was such a shocking sudden wave and it was a complete chaos situation. Within a few days, I would say, not even, weeks or months, it just spread like wildfire. So, this time it was more scary because I very clearly remember that every five minutes you would hear an ambulance going, which was not the case last year because everybody was locked in completely. The infection rate was not spreading so fast and this year was a pretty scary situation because all you could see or hear all around, was that there is no coronavirus happening and somebody or the other that she knew was down with it. People lost their lives. I have lost a lot of really close friends during this time. So I guess. All you can do is hope for the better, take care of yourself and keep a positive attitude,” he added. 

Talking about the challenges that actors faced as a result of the pandemic and stated that, “Film business happens when people physically get together in groups, only then the work happens. So, when you can’t do that, there is no work or way to happen, you’re going to be shooting a film sitting by yourself at home on a camera and putting it across, so it was difficult, no doubt, along, and we, like I said we are part of the same ecosystems in society and then everybody has to follow the same norms and same things that everyone suffered and so did the artwork. Yes, I was shooting for a series and we just kind of at the end of the shoot. There is only about a week 10 days of work, which was left around the 15th of April and then the lockdown happened. We were, in fact, assuming that maybe another week 10 days when lockdown is lifted, we’ll finish up. Everybody has their own schedule. We have to work according to everyone’s timelines. It has been two months and we haven’t been able to start now. It seems that things are getting back to normal and we should resume so. Everyone suffered.”

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Speaking about his previous projects like State Of Siege, He expressed, “I hope it’s being re-watched and it’s being watched over and over again multiple times because state of siege was a very ambitious project for us, not only in terms of the way it was a subjective it was based on the 2008 Mumbai attacks, and we were try to give an award to the NSC to the Blackcat commandos who were very instrumental in passing of the virus at that time, nobody really kind of made anything from their point of view. So this was made from their point of view and, of course, very well shot and very well made with all the possibilities you could think of, again, my first series is also based on a book called Black Tornado: The Three Sieges of Mumbai, but unfortunately it released on the 20th of March and from 24th March onwards so everything was locked down so we didn’t really do much of marketing or publicity we had like five city tour and everything possible.”

“It is very important for any project to be marketed and publicised before the release in that way on that scale for people to understand and know your mind this is something that we should do watching all we could do was probably digital promotion on social media and news channel and ideas from all, so that did help, but considering the kind of publicity that we should have gone to the marketing that should have been done times. At that time, sort of didn’t really allow us, so I’m very happy that people are watching it, I do get a lot of messages people have really liked my role in that, which I played over real life, hero of the Indian Army. Also, most of my films get so much repeat value on Television,” he added. 

When asked about the coexistence of OTT and film, he responded, “There is no difference as such, it’s just a difference of medium of exhibition and I wouldn’t even call that medium of exhibition because Earlier it used to be film used to have satellite rights, so to say, in the correct language that they use with the satellite rights used to be so what did satellite mean you could play it on television, he could play on the right, and now similarly whatever content is made on a platform called OTT. It’s played on a small screen. People prefer to watch it on small screens, I myself never watch any series, whether it’s on any platform on TV. I watch it on my iPad because I find it convenient, it’s more of a personal relationship with that series that you’re watching but for an actor for over permissions, there is no difference as such, because the filmmaking process is exactly the same, it’s rigorous it’s absolutely the same the kind of stuff that’s being made on for OTT in terms of series.”