Mozilla Firefox to address privacy concern in its new feature DOH

25 February, 2020 | newsx bureau

Mozilla Firefox Science & Technology

Mozilla is stepping ahead in the terms of security and privacy by introducing its new project, DNS over HTTPS (DoH). The program will add a layer of security on the user data and will make it tough...

Mozilla Firefox is in the news headlines for bringing up its new user-friendly feature, DNS over HTTPS (DoH) to improve the privacy of its users and make their data more secure. Mozilla Firefox is working on this new protocol from 2017 in cooperation with Cloudflare and NextDNS. According to the Mozilla community, Cloudflare and NextDNS have agreed to be the members of their Trusted Recursive Resolver program, this program looks after the privacy and security of its user data and protects it with policy and technology.

The DNS over HTTPS (DoH) is an important attempt towards the user data security. This program will attach an encryption method between the user and the browser that will arise difficulties for the Internet Service Providers to steal the data. By going in the detail of the program, when a person searches for a website the browser has to convert the human-readable Internet addresses of websites into an IP address to look out for the website. By applying DOH, a wall of security will be created in this procedure of searching and opening of a website. That will help in protecting the data.

The Mozilla is also working on its next privacy protection program, TRR. This program will normalize the requirements into three different areas that are limiting the data collection, maintaining the transparency of the data between the users and the browser and blocking and modification of the user data.

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Soon after sharing the idea of implementing DOH  a large number of ISP’s of the United Kingdom have started to turn down the idea of updating to the new feature then Mozilla has to reveal that it is not going to introduce its new feature in the UK. However, in the USA the feature is expected to launch in a few months and it is going to be by default in the USA. While in other countries user has to do it manually.

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