Tuesday, November 28, 2023

“My festival is wherever you are,” Prime Minister Modi conveys to Army soldiers in Lepcha, Himachal Pradesh, on Diwali

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On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi marked the Diwali morning by spending time with Indian Army soldiers in Himachal Pradesh’s Lepcha, conveying festive greetings to the nation. Speaking to the soldiers gathered at Lepcha, PM Modi extended warm wishes to those safeguarding the borders, expressing, “In the past 30-35 years, there hasn’t been a single Diwali that I haven’t celebrated with you.”

The Prime Minister emphasized his annual tradition of celebrating Diwali with the Army personnel, considering their dedication as paramount. He stated, “While Ayodhya is considered the abode of Lord Ram, for me, Ayodhya is where Indian Army personnel are. My festival is where you are.” Reflecting on his pre-Prime Ministerial days, he recalled visiting border areas during Diwali to join in the festivities with security forces.

Acknowledging the soldiers’ sacrifice, PM Modi noted that in every home across the country, prayers are offered for the well-being of those guarding the borders. He remarked on the soldiers’ commitment, highlighting that being stationed at the borders away from their families demonstrates the peak of devotion to duty. To him, a place where security forces are deployed holds significance akin to a temple.

Praising the security forces for their role in nation-building and elevating India’s global standing, PM Modi emphasized the continuous growth of expectations from India worldwide. He underscored the importance of secure borders, stating, “India is safe as long as its brave soldiers stand on its borders, unflinching as the Himalayas.”

Highlighting the contributions of women officers in the Indian Army, PM Modi mentioned the granting of permanent commissions to over 500 women officers. He pointed out the remarkable achievement of women pilots flying fighter planes like Rafale.

Reflecting on India’s history, the Prime Minister commended the armed forces for their victories in wars and peace missions, enhancing the country’s global image. He expressed confidence in the ability of India’s brave hearts to address and resolve any challenges.

Upon reaching Lepcha village, PM Modi shared his Diwali celebrations with the security forces and extended greetings to the nation through a tweet. The Indo-Tibetan Border Police and Indian Army troops stationed at Lepcha near the China border were part of the festivities.

Himachal Pradesh, sharing a 260-km border with China, was mentioned in terms of its geographical distribution, with 140 km in the tribal Kinnaur district and 80 km in the tribal Lahaul and Spiti district. The article also highlighted previous years’ Diwali celebrations with soldiers, emphasizing the Prime Minister’s consistent tradition of spending Diwali with the armed forces, dating back to his tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat.

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