Thursday, November 30, 2023

My products pay homage to the rich heritage of the Indian textiles: Vipul Shah

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Designer Vipul Shah recently joined NewsX for a candid chat as a part of NewsX India A-List. In the exclusive conversation, the designer shared insights about his brand ‘Vipul Shah bags’, a brand popularly recognized for merging modern luxe aesthetics with the rich heritage of Indian textile.

Sharing details about his brand ‘Vipul Shah bags’, the designer talked about his how he founded the company. He said, ‘The brand started in 2012 when I moved back to my hometown Udaipur from UK. I then joined by family business. My family has a store called ‘Ganesh Emporum’, we are the pioneers of old textiles in India. My grandfather was a big name in the textile industry and he had been collecting textiles since over a decade. Now, this had been passed over to my father, and now me. When I moved back, I saw those textiles as an inspiration and wanted to do something with them. So, I created the brand ‘Vipul Shah bags’.’

Speaking about the USP of his brand, Vipul exclaimed, ‘The USP of my brand is that we make bags that are one of a kind and pay homage to the rich heritage of the Indian textiles. Everything we create is made out of vintage one for kind fabrics that had been collected by the elders. We use that element and fuse it with modern aesthetics and present it in a very modern manner.’ He went to say that he ethos of the brand is presenting indo-gypsy fusion with a modern flare.

Vipul Shah then talked about the response he has received on his brand over the years. The designer revealed, ‘It took 10 years to reach at this stage, but the journey was really beautiful. The brand grew over the period of few years and we learned a lot from that journey. I was lucky and blessed to have the textiles as my base through my family which provided a lot of encouragement to experiment things out of it. Also, I’d like to thank social media was has made it a global phenomena now. We started promoting our brand on Instagram and within 10 years we’ve reached at quite a good stage.

When asked about what goes into the creation of each bag and how long does the ideation process take, the designer said, ‘The vintage one of a kind fabrics were collected from the tribal areas of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Those fabrics were further patched and joined together and we embellished them with coins, tassels, fringes, etc. It goes through a lot of different processes until the final product comes out. One thing that is the hallmark for every bag is the vintage fabrics that we use which makes it different and unique.’

Vipul finished the interview by talking about the future plans of his brand. He said, ‘In 10 years we have diversified our brand. Earlier we made only bags, now wake make clothing, footwear and accessories. Our plan for the future is to get to men’s wear and also getting into the wedding market.’

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