Thursday, November 30, 2023

My wife and I are parents first and entrepreneurs second: Raghav Himatsingka

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Raghav Himatsingka, founder of Raising Superstars joined us for a detailed conversation as part of NewsX India A-List. In the exclusive interview, Raghav shared insights about his start-up Raising Superstars. Read excerpts:

Raghav started off by sharing his experience of being on the TV program Shark Tank. He said, “The experience was absolutely phenomenal. It was a chance for us to get feedback and interact with five entrepreneurs who have taken their businesses from scratch and turned it into something really big. The whole experience of being on the set, performing under the lights was just incredible. Of course, there was a good outcome for us as we were able to bag a deal from two of the sharks. The show has given us visibility and PR in the press and the customer’s minds as well. We are very grateful for the whole experience.”

Sharing insights about his concept of Raising Superstars, he exclaimed, “Every child when they are born is born a genius. Any baby has more abilities than any man who has ever lived on planet earth. However, when our child comes into the world, they are immediately hit by a lot of stimuli. Everything is new with a lot of new experiences. During that time, the brain cells start connecting rapidly and in two years all of these rapid connections have formed inside the brain and billions of neural connections are formed. Now, after 2-3 years, the brain wants to become efficient. Although the body of the brain is small, its brain has become 85% of an adult brain. The brain then starts cutting off these connections and, with it, the abilities with which the child was born is also cut off. So, if the foundations of those abilities are developed when the child is very little, they stay with the child forever. At our company, we provide the parents who have children in the age group of 0-3 years simple activity-based programs for them to do with their babies and that helps them build phenomenal foundational abilities.“

Raghav went on to talk about the secret mantra of his business and said, “My wife and I are ourselves parents first and entrepreneurs second. My philosophy is very simple, I would not suggest anything to other parents that I would not do to my child. It is a very honest way of approaching our business. We take a lot of feedback from parents and we have a large community where parents post pictures and videos of their children. Our activity rating is 97% and people love our activities. “

In the end, the entrepreneur also guided our viewers on how to sign up for their program. Raghav revealed, “The easiest way to sign up for our program is to log in from our official website It lists all of our offerings and programs. We recommend starting with the first one, the ‘intro program.’”

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