Myanmar coup: Scores of protestors back on streets after night raids by security forces

7 March, 2021 | newsx bureau

Myanmar has gone into a state of turmoil after the protestors took back to streets in large numbers despite the night raids by the security forces in the region.

Tens of Thousands of people took to the streets on Sunday in Myanmar to protest against last month’s military coup despite the conduct of overnight raids by the security forces in the city of Yangon to crack down on the leaders of the ongoing protests in the region.

The largest protest was witnessed in Myanmar’s second city- Mandalay, as per the reports by the local media. large scale protests also took place in Yangon in kale, nearby the Indian border, and Dawei, a coastal city in the south region although no incidents of violence were reported.

Myanmar has been plunged into a state of turmoil since the military has overthrown and detained the prominent leader Aung San Su Kyi on 1st February.  The demonstrations and daily strikes have led the country to a situation of collapsing businesses and have paralyzed the administration. the United Nations has reported that the security forces have killed more than 50 people so far.

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The number of political prisoners is also increasing day by day as the soldiers and police have started moving into districts across the country. recently the security forces entered the city of Yangon, firing shots and even arrested at least three people in Kyauktada township. the locals of the region also said that the reason for the arrests were not cited.

As per the reports of the advocacy group- Assistance Association For Political Prisoners, over 1700 people have been detained by the junta although figures of overnight detentions were not given by the organization.

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