Naagin 4: Brinda returns to her action avatar in the latest episode, Nia Sharma shares behind the scenes footage of the episode

29 February, 2020 | newsx bureau

Naagin 4 Entertainment

Naagin 4: Nia Sharma shared a story on Instagram that shows Brinda embracing full action heroin avatar and fighting off a group of men all be herself.

Naagin 4: The show has reverted back to its high on action and drama roots with the return of Naagrani Bela, and in tonight’s episode, we will see another Naagin taking on the action mantle in Brinda, behind the scenes footage of the show was released by the actor Nia Sharma to give the audience a sneak-peek into tonights events.

The video shared by the Naagin 4 actor shows her on-screen character Brinda hitting a man with a hammer, the video also shows a group of men laying helpless on the ground, indicating that it won’t be a single person rather a group of people with whom Brinda will be seen fighting.

Tonight’s episode of Naagin 4 will have Dev being attacked by a group of men, on orders of a mysterious character.

However, Brinda will fight off all of them despite being outnumbered, saving the day for Dev.

In the video, Dev is nowhere to be seen which seems to indicate that the group of men that Brinda is fighting off attacked Dev first and he possibly got injured while fighting the attackers which prompted Brinda to come and save him.

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The events after this fight will be interesting to see as it will most likely feature Brinda taking care of the injured and finally accepting that she indeed is in love with Dev, while Dev who has been angry at her for still being in touch with her ex-lover will forget all the differences between the two, leading to the couple finally coming together without any malice for one another.

The video of Brinda fighting off a group of men was shared Nia Sharma on her Instagram Story, the story has got the fans of Naagin 4 excited as they hope for a big twist in the storyline.